Timing is everything, and you are right on time to share in the awareness of one on the greatest books you'll ever read, for your ultimate health and fitness. The author, Dr. Farid Zarif, is one of the most sought and recognized authority on human nutrition and effective physical activity, today. His latest book, " Whole Food Plant-Base Cookbook is nothing less that great. For the first time ever, the reader can honestly read and put into action the principles taught in this book, you will truly learn how and what and when to eat, For the first time ever learn the health rules of eating and it's scientific implication. Learn the critical times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and why moderation was never the answer to eating in a healthy manner. Eat unhealthy food in moderation or eat healthy foods in moderation, you will be moderately health or moderately ill. Pages and pages of easy to prepare healthy meatless and non-processed meals. Reverse, decrease, and eliminate sickness and disease. The closer you are to nature, the healthier you will be.

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